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Cafeteria Karaoke! WJHS Students Serenade Their Classmates Over Lunch

If you stopped by Washington Jr. High School during lunch period, there's a pretty good chance you'll hear music. 
But it's where the music is coming from that will surprise you when you step inside the cafeteria. Students will volunteer and confidently stand up in front of the entire cafeteria and sing karaoke. Covering a variety of songs by artists like Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
It all started after the school received a remodel. Part of that project was to remodel the school's cafeteria. Staff had the idea to have a screen installed inside the cafeteria to be used for various things, one being, to serve as a tool to create a positive energy in the cafeteria.
"We wanted to make the environment more than just a cafeteria where students eat, but a fun place for students to come and be surrounded by good energy," said Principal Kristin Allen.
And while there are some phenomenal student singers, Principal Allen says anyone can come up to sing and all the students are respectful of each other.
"It's great to see students who are normally reserved and quiet go up and start singing in front of everyone," said Principal Allen.
Not to mention Washington has the best hype man around to get the students pumped up. Larry Harris serves as the DJ. Sometimes you might even see a staff member might hop on the mic. 
This spring the school made a friendly competition out of it. Students got to participate and vote for their favorite "Washington Idol". Fedora Noya was crowned as champion.
They don't do karaoke every day. Some days they'll use the screen to watch movies, play trivia or simply just have music playing in the background. 
Either way, students say it's one of their favorite parts of the day.

Fedora Noya
TK Morrison
Quinn Feigley
Pamella Iliza
DJ Larry Harris