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RIMSD#41 School & Parent of the Month Winners

The district's F.A.C.E (Family and Community Engagement) has started a new initiative to recognize parents/guardians and a RIMSD school who are making a positive impact in our school district and community. 
Parent/Guardian of the Month
Schools can nominate a parent/guarding who goes above and beyond to support the needs of children, our school, and/or our community. The winner receives a gift card, a bunt cake, and a sign that can display outside their residence. 
Ebonee Hatcher- Ebonee was nominated on behalf of Frances Willard Elementary School. Her nomination said, "Ms. Hatcher is a parent of students at other buildings in the district. Ms. Hatcher had met a family of ours that showed signs of possibly needing support. Ms. Hatcher offered extra clothes, food and even living arrangements to help the child. Ms. Hatcher ensured the child had a reliable way to get to school the next day, clean clothes, and a warm breakfast. Ms. Hatcher also offered to provide continued support to the family if needed. Ms. Hatcher has gone above and beyond as a citizen within our city supporting those in need without judgment out of the kindness of her heart."
Robyn Schlieper - Robyn was nominated on behalf of Washington Jr. High School. Her nomination said, "Robyn has been a tremendous help to Washington as the PTA president. She has a very limited number of parent volunteers to assist her with whatever our school needs. I appreciate her willingness to work with the staff, volunteer at events, set up fundraisers, and make countless trips to the store for our concession stands. Robyn does all this for Washington without a single complaint or hesitation."
Tina Barker - Tina was nominated on behalf of Thurgood Marshall Learning Center. Her nomination stated, "Tina Barker has been a champion and positive spokesperson for TMLC. She has donated water and snacks to our students for the YouthBuild program, volunteered to sit on our Building Leadership Team, and shares ideas without being asked to help our students with career choices after school. Ms. Barker is willing to assist wherever she can. A staff member's car broke down, and she assisted them with finding a mechanic to help the same day. Ms. Barker loves TMLC and does whatever she can to support her student and our school."
School of the Month
The District F.A.C.E team selects the school of the month based on the work of the building F.A.C.E team as a collaborative unit, building leader support to the overall building F.A.C.E goals, the intentionality of implementing events that include a variety of different process conditions, and the consistency of F.A.C.E events and operations at each site.
The winning school receives breakfast and flags to display outside their school building.
The RIMSD District F.A.C.E team is excited to announce that Thomas Jefferson (TJ) is the F.A.C.E School of the Month for November 2022! TJ stands out as a school that prioritizes effective and inclusive family and community engagement. They have consistently offered high-quality opportunities to show families that they are valued and that they are an essential part of the school community. Their F.A.C.E team works with intentionality to ensure their family engagement events impact student achievement, and it is evident in the data, planning conversations, and observations. In addition, TJ’s family engagement goals are supported and embraced by both the building and teacher leaders. Even through a building leadership change, TJ demonstrated the epitome of sustainability through their ability to continually build strong relationships with their students, families, and our community entities!